Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I am...

I am a universe wrapped up in a tiny body.

My hands are small, but my heart is huge.

I have a small voice when it matters and a big voice when it does not.

I am excitable about almost everything when presented in a certain way.
I often cannot contain myself and find myself expelling my truth to anyone willing to listen.

I am preparing for the worst, but hoping against hope for the best. Always.

I believe in trusting intuition. My gut doesn't lie.

I love deeply, honestly and without barriers.
I believe in honesty above all things, and living your truth even when it is the most terrifying thing you can do.

We grow through change, staying complacent is the same as becoming stagnant- we must evolve to thrive.

My eyes are constantly open to the possibilities of change, and the changing possibility of sameness.

I am inspired by broken things.

I will only try and help if I think I can make a difference, rather than making a mess.

I am often a mess myself.

I am lazy but will swim oceans to get you to my point of view

I like the quiet but hate being alone for too long with my thoughts

I am afraid of the uncertainty in the dark

Creating is a way to channel the quiet into my mind

Moving is a way to channel the quiet into my body

Connecting is the only way I know to quiet my spirit

I am often restless and unable to articulate why

To me, hands are more expressive and telling than a face. faces can deceive, hands can only tell your truth.

I find myself in other peoples words and lose myself in my own.

Animals can make me cry harder than most people.

I am constantly learning that views and perceptions are ever-changing.

I am challenging myself to never say that I would never do something, because that has been proven 
wrong, over and over and over again.

I believe in reincarnation, soul mates, chakras, karma, and platitudes. I refuse to apologize for these, but would love to be challenged by your views on the subject.

I believe in the infinite wisdom of the universe, and that staring at the night sky will provide you with all the answers you seek if you are open to them.

I am breaking and becoming and breaking again.

I am a person with faults and flaws but also a tentative beauty. Perfect as I can be.

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