Sunday, December 16, 2012


These feelings
Did not come softly
I was not prepared
But something about that look in your eye
Shattered my defenses
Left me in shambles
New is always better, right?
I left it to time
Colors shifted
Faded to normal
Back to my commitment to my man
Then a change in perception
A hand at the right time
A light like looking into a mirror
I saw you
For everything you are
And there was a longing
It was so great that it burned a hole in me
Even from this faraway place
I had never felt this type of connection
You’ve seen me truly and have not run in the other direction
Even though you have no tangible reason to stay
And this tangled web that has been woven
Makes it all the more noticeable
That you are exactly
What I always wanted
So when you look at me
Know that my glance
is not merely for folly
but because
I love you
and not in a friendly way.
(although I think we’re great friends)
And someday, I hope
This will all be simpler
All the guilt and the noise and the hurt will be gone
Maybe there will be a quiet room
and you’ll look at me
and all of this won’t be in vain.

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