Friday, September 6, 2013


I come from a place of impermanence
A place where love is never a reason to stay

I come from a place that is uncomfortable and boundless
Days converging into weeks of noise and complacency

I come from a place where happily ever afters
only ever occur in fairy tales
and bad things come to those who wait
While good things are just heartbreak in disguise.

Wait long enough, everything will have a chance to gut you.

Despite all of this, I live wide open.
My heart like the sky cradling the moon
Embracing each new development as it waxes and wanes

I come from a place where forever doesn't exist
But that's no reason to lie down and give in.
Each moment has its purpose
and we should make them count while we can.

(Is this impermanence permanent? We'll have to wait and see...)

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