Monday, December 12, 2016

Ode to the fox...

When you get to the last page
Of the story you've been telling,
Starring in like a movie.
The last word and last breath
Will you be satisfied with everything you've said?
Or will regrets roll around in your brain like marbles?
Waiting for you to make peace with the fact
That you never climbed that mountain
Never kissed that girl
Never broke the mold that you were jammed into by this world
that is filled with so many unspoken rules.

There is a hint of irony here
On this, the last page of your life
You wish for another chapter
Another page
Another word.
But do not worry, for even though this story is ending
you will soon be on a new journey.
Maybe this time some risks will be taken,
Those kisses won't be hanging in the lonely place of ‘what if’’
Your energy cannot be destroyed
It will be transformed.
Your story is not ending, it's just time for the next volume.
Maybe the last page, the last sentence, last word will be enough for you to be at rest.
To be satisfied with your experience of the miracle we call life.
To be at peace with your experience of the miracle of death.
We only change, we never truly fade away.

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