Friday, January 20, 2017


My hands grasp for an anchor
I find myself floating away
Fading into another misadventure
While I do my best to remain
I am calm
I lay it all out
The light and dark illuminated
By the expression of my truth

I am nothing but a woman
Walking the world with a hollow space
My heart has gone
Shattered and scattered to the wind
I give pieces of it freely
No use to me now
Ornamental and vacant
While my chest rattles in vain

My eyes have seen much
Too much perhaps
Or maybe not enough
My bones ache for new terrain
A new touch
Relief from this constant pain
That radiates and bruises

I will always feel this
The longing and the what if
Sorrow for what was
Hoping for what could have
I remain myself
I hold on to the bits that I believe to be good
I let the rest go
Scattered to the four winds
My heart, and my pain

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