Saturday, March 25, 2017

The tale.

I am a cautionary tale.
The quintessential hard luck story
I often feel like I've been written
Like this is a simulation playing out the various ways
that things can go wrong

I'm nobody's role model, I'm not an inspiration
My intuition is clearly skewed
My body is failing me and I'm out of answers
Every corner, instead of refuge there is dismay

I'm over it all. Pretending to care is so hard
When truly caring means that something will wind up breaking
When the root of all evil is the thing that's keeping you anchored
it's no wonder that things continue to fail.

I am a live wire.
My tongue sparks electric
When my heart is too full to beat
Words catch fire, my hands a conduit
I have become nothing more than a generator.

I create these platitudes, these grand declarations
As a distraction from the truth of the matter
My synapses sparking whenever things become difficult
I can run, this electricity can sustain me for miles

The end is as it began. The story can be a warning
That morphs and becomes something more, a game of telephone.
She was once, and now she's not.
Do not become what you do not understand.

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