Monday, October 6, 2014

Intention (3/30/14)

We speak a lot of intentions. Expending energy into manifesting a specific goal in our lives or in the world around us. Currently, I have realized that my intention has been a bit fuzzy, thus making the manifestation a bit slow.
I want love
I want REAL love
Love that will sit me down, shut me up, and make me see the world differently.
Love that will sit under the sky with me and talk about distant galaxies
Love that will be there and hold me when things aren't perfect
(because things are never perfect)
Love that I have a real connection to
A point B to my point A
A harbor in the tempest
Love that will call me on my bullshit and will expect to be called on their own
I am tired of not good enoughs and let downs and never coming throughs
I'm through with the heartache and the fucked up fuck thems
Because if it was real, if it was good, and if it is time, it would just be.
No excuses
No middle of the night drunken apologies
No shame in the light of day
It will just be real.
And good
And true

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