Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fragile Heart

My heart is composed of too many things
Seawater and whiskey
Promises and the horizon.
My heart is filled with too many faces,
They may as well be red blood cells
Filling with oxygen and running through veins
faster than I can consciously keep up with the rhythm
My heart is attached to too many things
The night sky, song lyrics
holding a lover through the dark, tumultuous storms.
And yet
My heart is as fragile as glass
Blown thin and perfect.
Cold and hollow
upon your mantle.
Not to be touched by anyone
You've staked your claim
And just like that
It becomes completely ornamental
Akin to a vase used only for the rarest flower.
My heart is full of old movies,
Full of people who have come and gone
Memories fading through time
Leaving a distinct trace of depth through moments
Etched upon the surface ever so delicately
While from day to day, it is simply gazed upon.
Marveled at its craftsmanship and ingenuity
My heart is itself a thing of beauty
but without love to fill the hollow
it is clearly empty.

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