Tuesday, November 4, 2014


This is for the nonbelievers and the skeptics
For those who fight through their day, to be rewarded with solitude by night

This is for those who cannot help but intervene
Because caring is the most defining part of their nature

You are not alone

This is for those who cannot speak, but instead hold their tongues
in the hopes that there will be someone who can read the colors of thoughts.
Who can hear what is hidden without words .
To feel the emotions without speech.

This is for those who speak too much
Whose cacophonous nature is on their sleeves.
So much that they become invisible to those who tire of too much
Their words fall like dust.

This world is a dark place
and sometimes it seems like there is no end to the night
But if you let it, it will be your blanket
It will nurture the dawn from the blackest depths of your soul.

You may be held down
Your heart may break
But know that from that place blooms something so beautifully unbreakable
That eventually there is no way that you will not return from the brink.

You walk into the ocean and each wave makes you more sure
That this is the only place you want to be

And while you may not have a witness
Your presence
and your hands
are entwined with those before you

You are not alone,
You have never been alone.

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