Tuesday, June 27, 2017


I had a dream that I was out to sea
Tossed by the waves, the salty air was heavy in my lungs
No matter what I did, what buttons I pushed, the engine wouldn’t turn
I was just drifting. Letting the waves take me.
I became listless and bedraggled- My vessel was no longer under my control.
I wanted so badly to get to shore with the earth beneath my feet.
Back to the land of the living.
I had lost all hope and I lay, limbs heavy and weakened, fixated on the sky.
The stars seemed to dance just for me and the longer I stayed,
The more I forgot what home really meant.

A light in the distance shone my way after many endless nights
To rescue me from this stalled-out, drawn-on, helpless situation
A familiar figure after all this time truly felt like fiction.
Propeller breaking waves while the waters churned beneath
Then stopping just to my right, the east, where the first glimmer of light comes at the dawn.
You took my hand and your eyes lit up
Like a child looking at their birthday present.
You pulled me aboard, held me close, and said that we were going home.
I watched as we pulled away, the cursed craft getting smaller and smaller
Then was out of sight.

You and I aboard, the crashing waves, the dancing stars
Our hands intertwining
“How did you find me?” I asked
“I followed the stars” You replied
"They have always led me to you."

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